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Mrs. Bethany Thiele » Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology

Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology

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Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology! Get excited for the graduating class of 2019! Please see our course syllabus attached below. Please also follow this link to our Google Classroom page. 
Mrs. Bethany Thiele
What's Mrs. Thiele listening to? 
As you've noticed, I have particularly good taste in instrumental music. Research has shown that people work better when music is playing-- instrumental music. If there are words, your attention is being split between thinking about the words and thinking about your work. Even if you listen to an instrumental version of a song you know, you'll still think about the words. (The brain is amazing!)
If you want to jam out to some of the music you hear in class, follow me on Spotify! Search Bethany Thiele, and check out my instrumental playlists. The ones I use most frequently in class are "Instrumental Upbeat" "Instrumental Medium" and occasionally I'll use "Instrumental Ambient".