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What's in it for you...

The benefits for you and your business/organization go beyond simply finding someone to fill a position and get the job done.  Your support and the opportunity to work at your office is changing the lives of our youth on the south side of Tucson!


Practical Benefits

  • About 80% of the work our students do is clerical in nature.  And although these students may be young, their consistent attendance, diligent work ethic and willingness to learn new things, make them great candidates for the administrative/clerical support positions that usually have a high turnover rate.


  • Our student employees are consistent and dependable with a 97-98% attendance rate.  There are no vacation days or sick days factored into our work calendar, so if a student misses any time at work, they are required to make up the time missed before the end of the school year.


  • Every student is well dressed and trained in basic office skills (see our  Student Training page for more details) as well as in various soft skills (firm hand shake, good eye contact, etc.) prior to the start of work.  This training sets the foundation for all students and helps them to perform well in a variety of professional job settings.


  • We are like a temporary employment agency, and we are the students' employer who contracts out their services to our Corporate Partners.  As a result, we handle all employee paperwork (W-4, I-9, Background Checks, etc.) and we pay for all payroll taxes (FICA, SS, etc.).  We also carry liability insurance and worker's compensation for all of our student employees.



Additional Benefits

Participating in the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is a great way to give back to the Tucson Community, and the impact of your support will extend far beyond this community in the years to come. As a Corporate Partner or Sponsor you are supporting the education and workforce development of our youth.  All of the money earned by our students at their internships goes to offset the cost of their tuition at San Miguel High School.  So not only are they receiving valuable job skills through their work experience, they are also paying for about 30-40% of their tuition costs and gaining a college and career preparatory education.  As a result, our students will be prepared to lead our city, state, nation and world in whatever field they choose to pursue in the future.