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Job Share

Job Share

The graphic below illustrates how a team of four students work together to cover a 1.0 FTE. All students will generally work one day per week (Monday through Thursday), approximately five days per month including the Friday rotation. Please use the file link below for the calendar showing our complete work schedule.

Job Share Model

This job share model allows our students to gain valuable experience in the workplace without missing any classroom instruction. The students are first grouped by workday and then by grade level and their schedules are arranged accordingly. For example, if Ana is a Monday worker (regardless of grade level), she will report to work every Monday, and her classes will only meet Tuesday through Friday, with the exception of the Fridays on which Monday students are required to work their Friday rotation. This same concept is applied to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday student workers respectively.


Using the Model to Fit Your Needs

This model allows our students to balance their time at work and school, while also providing our partners with two primary ways to utilize our student workers within their business or organization, depending on their needs.

  1. Common Job Sharing: a team of four students is hired to fill a 1.0 FTE entry-level position within one specific department of a business or organization. As a result, each student on this team will have the same job description and will perform the same tasks on each of their workdays every week.
  2. Flexible Job Sharing: if a partner's needs are in several departments on a part-time basis, instead of in only one department on a full-time basis, flexible job sharing allows our partners to place one student in up to four different departments of need one day each week. For example, Ana could work every Monday in HR while Jose works every Tuesday in Finance and Maria every Wednesday in Marketing, and so on and so forth.

Our program is only successful when our partnerships are mutually beneficial, so we will work with each partner individually to identify their needs and determine which set up is most appropriate. Then, we can adjust team size and conduct student selection accordingly.