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Are you curious about high school student workers? Unsure as to how you could use them at your business or organization? Want to support education and workforce development at the same time? Find the answers to these questions and more information on how our program works using the links below or the side bar to the right. Please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information on questions we may not have addressed.

Are the student employees trained? What skills do they possess?

All of our student employees receive training from CWSP staff in job-related skills both initially upon entry into our program and continually throughout each year. Like many large and diverse workforces, our student workers possess a broad range of skills, depending upon their experience and level of education. For more information on the students’ skill sets and our job-related education program, click here.


How do student employees cover a 1.0 FTE? Do they miss class?

A team of four students work together to cover a 1.0 FTE. Each student works one full eight-hour day per week, Monday through Thursday, and one Friday per month on a rotating basis. They do not miss class due to work responsibilities because the students' class schedules are arranged around their workday. For more information on the students’ work schedule and how they job share to cover a 1.0 FTE, click here.

How do the student employees get to and from work daily?

CWSP is blessed with a team of dedicated drivers who transport all of our student employees to their jobsites each morning and pick them up from their jobsites each afternoon. Our transportation system ensures consistent and punctual arrival and departure times for all students. We currently have eleven drivers, eleven vans and eleven routes that travel throughout the greater Tucson area every day. For more information on our transportation system, click here.

What kinds of tasks can I assign to the student employees?

Our student employees excel in entry-level tasks that are clerical in nature. These tasks include filing, copying, scanning, faxing, shredding, data entry, record keeping, organizing, answering phones, taking messages, sorting and delivering mail, and greeting clients. Over time, a student's job description may evolve and change to include more advanced and technical tasks that provide a more hands-on experience. For more ideas on the kinds of tasks to assign student employees, click here.

What are the benefits of hiring a San Miguel student employee?

There are several benefits to hiring San Miguel student employees. On a practical level, it is a great way to fill a 1.0 FTE clerical position at a reasonable wage. And although the employees are students between the age of 14 and 18, they are earnest, ready to work and willing to learn. To learn more about the benefits of hiring our students, click here.