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Daily Prayer

Tuesday, April 23 (Tuesday in the Octave of Easter)

Jesus rose.

He rose for his sinless mother.

He rose for his betraying friend, Peter.

He rose for the tax collectors and sinners who believed in him

as well as for the Pharisees who rejected him

and the soldiers who killed him.

His resurrection is a fact.

Where are our hearts in front of the fact of the resurrection?

Our hearts should rejoice because now it is abundantly clear that our salvation

does not have to do with our own goodness or badness,

but with Jesus Christ, who has victory over death and evil.

The risen Jesus invites us into life.

Our hearts need only say Yes.

Lord Jesus, may our eyes not be set on ourselves,

but on you and the fullness of new life,

that our hearts may rejoice and follow.


(Adapted from Fr. Richard Veras, Via Lucis: The Paschal Way of the Light)

Wednesday, April 24 (Wednesday in the Octave of Easter)

God our Father,

you give us the joy of celebrating the Lord’s resurrection

each passing year.

Let this yearly feast

bring us to eternal joy.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,

who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever.


(Closing prayer, Office of Readings for Wednesday in the Octave of Easter)

Thursday, April 25 (Thursday in the Octave of Easter)

O God, who have united all nations

in confessing your name,

grant that those reborn in the font of baptism

may be one in the faith which lives in their hearts

and is manifested in their deeds.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,

who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever.


(Adapted from the Roman Missal, 3d ed.)

Friday, April 26 (Friday of the Octave of Easter)

Almighty, ever-living God,

you offer the covenant of reconciliation to humanity

in the mystery of Easter.

Grant that the love that we celebrate in worship

we may carry out in our lives.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,

who lives and reigns with you

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever.


(Adapted from the closing prayer of the Office of Readings, Friday in the Octave of Easter)

Tuesday, April 30 (Memorial of St. Pius V)

The risen Christ meets us at the tomb, and turns our tears to joy.

Christ comes through our locked doors, and turns our fear to courage.

Christ comes to daily life and work, and turns our failure to new vision.

Christ breaks the bread, and turns our despair to hope.

For your love and goodness,

we give you thanks, O God.

For Christ is risen, Christ is risen indeed!



(Rev. Bosco Peters,; used with permission)

Wednesday, May 1 (Memorial of St. Joseph the Worker)


may I labor in a spirit of thankfulness and joy,

ever mindful of all the gifts I have received from you

that enable me to perform these tasks.

Help me to be conscientious in my work

so that I may give as full a measure as I have received.

Permit me to work in peace, patience, and moderation,

keeping in mind the account I must one day give of time lost, talents unused, good omitted, and vanity of success, so fatal to the work of God.

Glorious St. Joseph, may my labors be all for Jesus, all through Mary,

and all after your holy example in life and in death.


(Adapted from a prayer by St. Pope John XXIII)

Thursday, May 2 (San Miguel observes Religious Brothers Day) (Founder’s Day Mass)

Heavenly Father,

you gave us John Baptist de La Salle as the founder

of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian schools

because you realized the value of competent Christian educators

and inspired St. La Salle to work untiringly

for the instruction of the working class and the poor,

always relying on Divine Providence.

Send generous followers to live the ideals of a spiritual life

through the service of Christian education.

May we be filled with the spirit and zeal of those first Brothers

who ministered so diligently for the salvation of youth through Christian education.

May we and all Lasallians throughout the world

be Christ-like models for others

and may the spirit of Jesus be forever in our hearts.


(Adapted from

Friday, May 3 (Feast of Sts. Philip and James)

Loving and generous God,

we are most grateful for the first Catholic missionaries and explorers, like Padre Kino,

who came to this diocese long ago.

As strangers in a strange land they brought with them

countless skills, talents and traditions,

but their greatest treasure was their faith.

May the good News of Jesus Christ, which molded and shaped their lives,

continue to mold and shape our lives today.

Bless us with men and women from this community

who will follow in their footsteps to serve the Church and the world

as religious brothers, sisters, priests, and deacons.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ,

our risen Lord, who lives and reigns with you,

one God, for ever and ever.