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Daily Prayer

Monday, February 18


Ever-living God,

you gather us together as a community

to learn and to carry the good news of Christ to all people.

Bless every member of this community.

Let your Spirit enlighten our minds and guide all our actions

that we will be renewed in faith, united in love,

and bring to fulfillment the work of all the people of God.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.



(Adapted from Book of Blessings, blessing for a parish council)


Tuesday, February 19


The Lord of earth and heaven

has assembled this community on this day

to learn lessons of math, science, and grammar,

but also to create a school of love and care for others.

May he fill us with the blessings of heaven.


God the Father wills that all of his children

scattered throughout the world become one family in his Son.

May he make us his temple,

the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.


May God dwell within us and give us joy

as a community devoted to spreading his Word and his love.

May we live with him for ever in the company of all his saints.



(Adapted from the Book of Blessings, solemn blessing over the people for the dedication of a church)


Wednesday, February 20


Make us worthy, Lord,

to serve our brothers and sisters throughout the world

who live and die in poverty and hunger.

Give them by our hands this day their daily bread,

and by our understanding love give peace and joy.



(Pope Paul VI)