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What are the requirements for Admission?

  •      Financial Financial need is first criteria for admission and is decided according to the Cristo Rey Network standard. "Cristo Rey schools serve only students with limited economic resources and is open to students of various faiths and cultures."  Our annual income guidelines are outlined below. Please call the admissions office if you are not sure that your family meets this criteria.
  •      Age – Students must be 14 years old by September 1of the year they enroll.
  •      Academics–Students must be willing to work hard to meet high academic expectations and have a good academic and attendance record.
  •      Employability – Students must possess the maturity and work ethic necessary to be successful working with adults in an office environment.  All students must be authorized to work in the United States by the first day of the work study program.
  •     Desire & Dedication – The most important qualities a student can bring to San Miguel are the desire and dedication to work hard on the job and at school.


When should I apply?

You should apply as soon as possible!  We are accepting applications for 9th beginning September 6th, 2019. 

TRANSFERS 10th & 11th grade– We are accepting applications beginning January 13, 2020.


Do you take transfers during the school year?

Because all new students must attend a two-week training session before the beginning of the school year, we do not take transfer students during the school year.


Is there an Entrance Exam?

Yes, we require the HSPT. Click here for our Entrance Exam Dates.


Do you need to be Catholic to apply?

No, students of all faiths or denominations are welcome.  The school is open to all; however, it should be understood that it is a Catholic, Lasallian learning community with  religion classes, monthly liturgical celebrations, and spiritual retreats are part of the school.


How rigorous is the curriculum?

We have a rigorous college preparatory curriculum offering a recognized diploma.  Students should expect to be challenged and work hard to attain the skills that will lead them to succeed in college and beyond.


Are there extra-curricular activities and sports?

Yes, sports offered include baseball, basketball, cheer, softball, soccer, and volleyball.  Clubs and other activities are determined based on student interest and the availability of sponsors.


Is there a uniform?

Yes, the school is designed to reflect the dress and atmosphere of a corporate workplace.  As such, the students wear a uniform daily.  All students will be taught to dress and groom themselves in a manner appropriate for a professional work environment.


Do all students participate in the Corporate Work Study Program?

Yes, as a requirement for admission, all students must be 14 years old and have the necessary documentation to be legally employed in the USA.  Students who cannot hold a job cannot remain in the academic program.


Do students get to choose their jobs?

Students are interviewed and evaluated and their interests and skills are taken into consideration with job placement.  Ultimately, the Corporate Work Study Program team decides where each student will work each year.


Do you offer an Open House?

Yes!  On October 13th and January 12th from 12:00-2:00 P.M. Please come visit us during our Open House.  We will conduct campus tours, information sessions, and student/parent panels.  


What if I can't come to the Open House or it has passed?

You are always welcome to call and schedule an individual appointment.  We offer daytime and early evening appointments.  With advance notice, we are happy to accommodate nearly any request.








Admissions Office 

(520) 294-6403

ext. 1110 or 1002

Cell: (520) 282-0360