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Academic Operations Manager

Academic Operations Manager
Tucson, AZ
San Miguel Catholic High School is accepting letters of interest from qualified and highly motivated candidates for the position of Academic Operations Manager.

Job Description

The Academic Operations Manager (the ‘Manager’) is responsible for ensuring the organizational effectiveness and administrative excellence of the school’s academic operations in a culture of service to our students and families and of support for our faculty and academic staff. This area of responsibility includes a wide array of functions and services including communications and reporting, records and data management, event and meeting coordination, instructional inventory control, calendar, and schedule regulation, and office management.

The overall effectiveness and excellence of the school’s academic operations is critical to enabling the instructors, counselors, and leadership of our faculty to maximize their focus on teaching and learning, student personal and social formation, and student achievement. In this way, the Manager is a close collaborator with the Principal and interfaces with a wide variety of internal constituencies as well as external contractors, consultants, partners, and service providers.

The Manager supervises a team of three or more administrative associates who together with the Manager conduct the functions and services of academic operations. The Manager is responsible for coordinating the work of this administrative team, setting and meeting performance goals, and providing feedback and support as necessary towards the professional growth of each team member.

School Description and Mission Alignment

A full description of the mission, identity, and program offerings of San Miguel Catholic High School can be found at The school is sponsored by the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle) and is a member of the national Cristo Rey Network.

The school operates with a unique work-and-study educational structure through which every student (grades 09-12) spends approximately five days per month engaged in a professional work assignment at a Tucson area business and spends the other 75 percent of one’s time in college preparatory classes on campus. In order to accommodate this dual programming, the typical school day and academic year are longer than most other area high schools.

In alignment with the school’s commitment to an education that is simultaneously college-ready, career-supported, and Catholic, the Academic Operations Manager is likewise expected to demonstrate a personal philosophy that highly values all three of these dimensions of a San Miguel education.

Given our school’s commitment to serving high-potential young people from families of limited financial means in an under-resourced community of Tucson, the Academic Operations Manager is expected to demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to assisting students who (a) are likely to be the first in their family to enter a university degree program and (b) must achieve 5+ years of academic gain in 4 years of study in order to meet that goal.
Compensation and Benefits

San Miguel Catholic High School offers a regionally competitive salary with a full range of optional benefits including coverage for medical, dental, and vision care, personal and professional leave, professional development, religious and spiritual formation, and retirement investment. Salary is determined on an administrative scale and is commensurate with qualifications and experience.
Core Competencies

The following core competencies are expected of the Academic Operations Manager and constitute the framework on which evaluations are made in the interview process:

Core Knowledge

● Familiarity with various academic constituencies and their unique operational needs (e.g. parents, students, instructors, counselors, leadership, local and national partner organizations)
● Familiarity with typical academic processes at the secondary level (e.g. grade reporting, registration, orientations, class scheduling)
● Extensive knowledge of operational procedures (calendaring, data management
● Evolving familiarity with best-in-class tools and resources for operational management in an academic environment (e.g. student data systems, student learning platforms, spreadsheets, presentations, applications for communication and collaboration)
● Knowledge of record-keeping protocols and the ability to maintain accurate records in accord with standards in the field

Core Skills

● Ability to conduct relationships with students, families, and colleagues in a multicultural environment of respect and rapport.
● Strong communication habits across a variety of media and in a variety of settings
● Ability to motivate collegial action and persistence in processes of operational management
● Ability to set and maintain procedures that maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness
● Ability to monitor and self-regulate the use of one’s time and resources
● Ability to coordinate an array of simultaneous projects and bring each to completion in a timely and orderly way
● Ability to manage a team of administrative associates and offer feedback and support that results in their professional growth
● Ability to direct both one-to-one and small group meetings in accordance with professional norms.

Core Dispositions

● Extraordinary attention to detail and accuracy
● Flexibility and responsiveness in a dynamic environment
● Initiative and innovation
● Integrity, ethical conduct, and a sense of advocacy for the needs of young people and their families

Core Functions

The field of Academic Operations encompasses the following core functions, all of which support the instructors, counselors, and leadership of the faculty in their work with students and families. The Academic Operations Manager is charged with the management and execution of these functions in close collaboration with the Principal and other designated persons with responsibilities for a given function.

● Academic Communications
● Enrollment Management and Student Records
● Academic Data Management
● Instructional Scheduling and Faculty Records
● Academic Compliance and Reporting
● Academic Events and Meetings
● Calendar Management and Scheduling
● Instructional and Administrative Inventory Control
● Faculty Talent Search and Onboarding
● School Office Management

In conjunction with managing the execution of all the above core functions, the Academic Operations Manager is responsible for supervising the work of the two Administrative Associate members of the Academic Operations team. To this end, the Academic Operations Manager is charged with setting expectations for the quantity and quality of each Associate’s work, providing regular feedback on work samples, and preparing a regular cycle of performance reviews (e.g. 90 days after onboarding, annual). Evaluations are conducted in collaboration with the Principal.


The following qualifications are initially assessed in the candidate’s application and further discussed in the interview process. Candidates with one or more ‘preferred qualifications’ are prioritized in the selection process.


● Three years of experience in operational management in an academic environment
● Three years of leadership experience in an academic environment
● Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in management, education, school administration, communications or related field
● Professional-level fluency in English (CEFR C2+) and conversational fluency in Spanish (CEFR A2)


● Five years of experience in operational leadership in an academic environment
● Three years of experience working with young people from families of limited financial means
● Master’s degree from an accredited university in management, education, school administration, communications or related field
● Cultural knowledge of Latinx and indigenous tribal communities in Arizona
● Bilingual professional-level fluency (CEFR C2+) in English and Spanish

This position does not include any responsibilities for academic leadership (e.g. curriculum, assessment, instruction, counseling, formation) and therefore does not require either an instructional or administrative certification -- although prior experience in such is an asset to this position.


In its interview process for qualified candidates, San Miguel Catholic High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic ancestry, religion (creed), gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our teaching and learning community.

Next Steps

Qualified and highly motivated candidates are invited to submit a letter of interest, contact information, and curriculum vitae or résumé to Advancing candidates will be contacted with information about the interview process and invited to submit a full set of application materials.

San Miguel Catholic High School uses a rolling interview process in which the position may be filled at any time. It is therefore to the candidate’s advantage to make one’s interest known as soon as possible.

Start Date
Contact Kristen Hof
Phone: (520) 294-6403
Fax: (520) 294-6417
6601 S. San Fernando Road, Tucson, AZ 85756